Highways and Access

Highways and Access

Transport Assessment

The development proposals are currently subject to a detailed Transport Assessment (TA) which will identify the impact of the proposal on the surrounding highway network. The TA is being produced in line with applicable local and national guidance, and in consultation with Hertsmere Borough Council, as the highway authority for the area.

It is considered that the impact of the proposal on the wider transport network will be limited, as the majority of site traffic will already be on the highway network regardless of the development, either visiting other retailers, or undertaking other trip purposes. Research undertaken by TRICS (TRICS Research Report 14-1 – Pass-by Report) concludes that in most circumstances, 10% or less of the total trips associated with the surveyed new stores were completely new to the network and that in practice the value is so small that it can be discounted. Notwithstanding the above, the TA will ensure that a robust analysis is undertaken.

Sustainable Travel

The site benefits from excellent walking and cycling links to the town centre which will assist in promoting linked trips amongst customers and sustainable travel amongst staff.

As part of the planning process, Lidl will liaise with the highway authority to ensure that any opportunities for enhancing the existing sustainable transport infrastructure are fully considered.

Lidl cycle parkingCovered cycle parking spaces for both retail and employment element (22 in total) will be provided in a secure and convenient location for use by staff and customers.

In order to reduce dependence on single-occupancy car trips associated with the site, a Travel Plan will be provided to help promote sustainable travel amongst staff and customers. It is envisaged that the Travel Plan can be secured by an appropriately worded planning condition. Travel Plans present the opportunity to raise awareness of the consequences of travel choices, the benefits of alternatives such as walking, cycling and public transport, and methods to minimise the impact of private car travel on the environment.

Vehicular Access / Egress

Access to the Lidl site is proposed via a new bellmouth access on Elstree Way. The existing access on York Way will be retained and will serve the employment element to the rear of the site, as well as Lidl’s deliveries.

Any relevant junctions which are considered to be sensitive to traffic increases, will be subject to detailed capacity analysis as part of the TA and mitigated if necessary to ensure highway safety and operation is not compromised.