Lidl’s Operation

Lidl’s Operation

Lidl commenced trading in the UK in 1994 and currently has over 760 stores trading nationwide.

Our retail philosophy is focused on simplicity and maximum efficiency at every stage of the business, from supplier to customer, enabling the company to sell high quality own brand products at the lowest prices.

Our stores sell a limited range of carefully selected product lines and we are able to offer these high quality products at low prices due to a pan European bulk purchasing policy. This provides us with the advantage of immense buying power, enabling the company to achieve significant economies of scale that can be passed on to our customers in the form of low prices.

We provide a different offer to the main food retailers. The Competition Commission states that deep discounters or ‘Limited Assortment Discounters’ such as ourselves, do not impact to any significant degree upon large retailers. This is supported by numerous examples across the UK, where Lidl trades alongside other retailers.

In addition to the above, Lidl commissioned a third party retail consultant (RPS) to quantify Lidl’s impact on town/district centres. RPS carried out a health check of 3 different town centres and 1 district centre both before, and after a new Lidl store opened in an out of centre location. The RPS study concluded that the town/district centre retail actually improved, or the status quo remained the same during the 12 month study period

Lidl is recognised as an attractive employer, being ranked as one of the best graduate employers in the UK.